September 2007

We did go on Final Friday in Sept, but I never blogged it because my father died very soon afterwards. Here are some of the photos.

We started at Hooligan’s Hot Rods:

On to the church:

A young busker in the old town plaza .

City Arts had sculpture by Conrad Snider from Newton and, our favorite fantasy artist, Kay Ferris had an exhibit upstairs.

Shift Space is just down the block north of City Arts, on the corner.

The brick wall must be Tangent Labs!

I’m actually not sure where this piece was…

This photo was, I think, at Milan Gallery.

The dolls were at Lawrence Photo:

This guy was outside, promoting “World Peace through Marijuana”.

Outside Melange in the Delano district:

Somewhere close by is a little “garden”shop.

Firehouse gallery?

The Art Syndicate. I think this is the last time we saw Shawn McDonald. Miss him.

Walnut Street Gallery:

Made these panoramas using a program called autostitch. Gallery XII and City Arts.